Look Good, Feel Great, Get Results

Women training at Tipson CKD Martial Arts AcademyOur Ladies only Choi Kwang Do class in Dunfermline is designed to get you fit and teach you CKD self defence skills. If you're looking to get fit and tone up, this is going to be a great class for you.

Tipson CKD has found that some women prefer to train in a women's only class. TCKD has designed it's women's only Choi Kwang Do programmes to be suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. These classes are designed to improve fitness, flexibility, strength and skill levels. Choi Kwang Do is a very effective way of burning calories and achieving weight loss.

The best way to see if the ladies only programme is right for you is to try a free trial class. The classes are structured so they are are easy and fun to try and give you all the information you need to see if TCKD is for you!