Choi Kwang Do Grading

The Korean martial art Choi Kwang Do uses the belt color system to denote your rank (progression). This method of grading is often used in many other martial arts and is based on the obi which was first introduced by Kano Jigoro, the founder of Judo and has been widely adopted by most martial arts.

Children Grading at Tipson CKD

As a Choi Kwang Do student progresses through the curriculum the process of grading occurs to test the student's skills alongside their discipline, leadership skills and humility. The rank (belt) achieved should always be looked upon as an honour; it is not a 'status symbol' and should in no way be treated this way.

The belt system works through the colours starting with white belt, then white belt senior (denoted by the black stripe), then yellow belt and so on all the way to black belt (known as IL Dan). On average it takes approximately 3 years for a student to progress through the colour belts and reach 1st Degree Black Belt rank based on attendance, attitude and technical knowledge / ability.

Gradings at Tipson CKD are held on a monthly basis and in order to grade a student will need to be put forward by the recommendation of a Head Instructor. There is a minimum of 12 classes between each grading.

CKD Belt Grading System

  1. White Belt
  2. White Senior
  3. Yellow Belt
  4. Yellow Belt Senior
  5. Gold Belt
  6. Gold Belt Senior
  7. Orange Belt
  8. Orange Belt Senior
  9. Green Belt
  10. Green Belt Senior
  11. Blue Belt
  12. Blue Belt Senior
  13. Purple Belt
  14. Purple Belt Senior
  15. Red Belt
  16. Red Belt Senior
  17. Brown Belt
  18. Brown Belt Senior
  19. IL DAN Black Belt