Family Martial Arts Classes for all ages

Our Family Classes deliver martial arts learning through fun and engaging sessions where students are encouraged to reach their goals with praise and positive reinforcement. Classes are open to all students of any age and ability making Tipson CKD Family classes the perfect place for children to learn self defence in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Parents are welcome to join in and learn alongside their children.

Choi Kwang Do offers more than just self defence; it builds confidence, flexibility and fitness levels whilst improving discipline, balance and respect for others. Our classes generate a positive energy and team spirit in a supportive atmosphere. They allow all students - children and adults alike - the opportunities to encourage others, to be patient, and to develop self-confidence, self-discipline and self-belief.

Through the martial arts grading system all students have the opportunity to set themselves goals and strive to achieve them with support and guidance from our friendly instructors. Choi Kwang Do techniques are easy to learn and are not stressful on the body in any way.

A Family Class at Tipson CKD

The techniques are based on large flowing movements unlike traditional martial arts which use 'lock out' methods that can lead to injury and ill-health in later life. Sessions are based on real life situations and from the very first lesson, students focus on how to avoid confrontation whilst learning 'blocking' and other techniques to help defend themselves.

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If you are interested in joining in with the fastest growing martial art and would like to take us up on our free trial class or maybe you would like to ask a question or two please get in touch. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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