Choi Kwang Do Training

Choi Kwang Do is a martial art that is based on science. Its movements use biomechanics to create power through technique. Classes will teach you practical self defence in a focused and safe environment.

Patterns Training

Unlike traditional cardiovascular training, patterns make your body move in many directions and stimulate your brain. Patterns are useful for practicing techniques and linking them together without impact or a training partner.

Choi Kwang Do Training

Target Training

Striking pads such as focus mitts and air shields is great for reducing stress and strengthens bones over time. Practicing a punch or kick on a target gives you valuable feedback, letting you know if your technique is working or not. Air shields absorb impact and make it possible to strike at full power, without hurting someone.

Speed Drills Training

Speed drills are shorter than patterns and are great for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). These exercises are performed slowly to learn the technique, then with explosive speed. This style of training is great for burning fat, improving fitness and increasing explosive power.

Defence Drills Training

Choi Kwang Do does not practise full contact sparring. Defence drills teach you how to defend yourself by guarding, moving and blocking, they teach you how to strike toward human targets and at more advanced levels teach you how to quickly change from defence to attack in counter-attacking exercises.